Friday, 27 May 2016

Bunting - miles and miles of it!

This morning started gloomy and dull - so it was a quick trip into Louth again to pick up some fabric that I forgot yesterday, some hessian for the WI entry and some spray for my knee which is giving me gip.  Once home I set to sorting the side fence and gate out.  Houdini Daisy keeps crawling under the gate and I find her wondering round the front garden - with the front gate open that's not her wisest move.  I had bought a galvanised wire panel which I cut in half and attached with a staple gun - who says I can't do DIY?

Whilst outside I shifted some more weeds from the patio before heading out to a WI bunting session.  They are holding an afternoon tea to celebrate the Queen's birthday and raise funds for a local charity - and wanted simple red, white and blue bunting to put outside the venue.  Two hours later we had metres and metres of it!  The team worked well with three of us cutting, two of us sewing and one running between the two groups - all in a very warm conservatory in what has turned out to be a lovely day.

Of course today was weigh in day - after my second fast day.  Sadly I only lost a pound but the average is supposed to be 1 - 2 a week and it's been 16 in three weeks so I am not too disappointed.  I have lost inches though - and went through the wardrobe to find a number of items now fit a lot better.  Today is a non fast day - just as well since it's book club tonight - so that will be steak pie again I guess!  Ah well I ought to have one night off occasionally - right?

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  1. 16lbs in three weeks is brilliant, you should be very proud of yourself!