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Monday, 30 May 2016

A diet free zone

Today was a visit to Meadowhall to meet up with Trisha and Julia.  It was our last scheduled meeting before our holiday in August so it was a chance for both a catch up and to review plans.  Coming, as we do, from different places in the uk we organised where to meet up in August on our way to the hotel - a very luxurious Starbucks café!  Of course we met at an M & S café which, naturally, called for a sticky bun or, in my case, a piece of "5 a day" carrot cake!

Jean had travelled over with me - she luuuuves Meadowhall - so whilst she was shopping I mooched around, picking up bargains as I went.  First stop was Lakeland where, following the success of the mini Victoria sandwiches last week, I picked up this loose bottomed mini loaf tin.  The reviews are not as good for the tin so I was in two minds - but it was half price so.........

Then, thinking holiday, I popped into Evans where I was given a store scratch card - which revealed a 20% off prize - that would be handy then!  Mind you I only came out with a pair of trousers and some undies - but every little helps as they say.  The final stop was Boots to pick up some make up.  Now that I am not working every day I don't tend to get through as much but thought that I ought to stock up for the holiday - somehow I ended up with all of these freebies!

As I made my way through M & S back to the car park I walked through the cushion department only to be confronted with this - two Daisy's would just be too scary!

So, now I am home safe and sound - and all spent up.  I guess that I should now turn my attention to the bag but my next task actually involves the upstairs bed.  Last night I posted a picture of it on the freely given facebook site for our area and someone is coming tomorrow afternoon to take it away.  I guess that I ought to check that the drawers are empty first - now that's not actual procrastination now is it?


  1. Scary indeed!!!!!! It would have been to see Daisy's reaction though!!! Procrastination - don't know the meaning of the word. xxxxxx

  2. Good to keep your strength up with some five a day :)
    Well done on the bargains too!