Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I've only gone and done it!!

Today was supposed to be a quiet day  - I planned to do a fast day which means that I need to keep myself busy.  So I had a list of sewing tasks to complete with the ultimate aim of catching up with The Splendid Sampler blocks - it's stressing me out too much being behind!  So, before settling down, I sat down at the computer and just did an online check of my bank account (ever since I was hacked last year I check every few days).  Hang on a minute - there's more money in there!  It would appear that the small pension I talked about weeks ago has now been paid in.  Wow!  Well the target was to pay off the mortgage so, after a quick call to the bank for a settlement figure, I paid with my debit card and am now mortgage free!  I have to say that I am in shock!  What does one do in this situation - crack open the bubbly?  Well I'm on a fast so that will be spring water then.

Should I go out and have lunch out?  No - I'm on a fast!  As the morning crept on I really felt like I wanted to mark this moment in some way but couldn't think how - until it came to me - or rather it will arrive tomorrow.  Not saying what yet but at least one person I know will be pleased.

Anyway - back to more mundane matters.  I started with this block - paper piecing!! - which I have been toying with for days.  Let's just say that the seam ripper was used a lot today.

Then I made this block - a lot LOT easier!!

And prepared this block ready for some hand sewing tonight.  By my reckoning I am now only two blocks behind (let's forget that they will publish a new one tomorrow!)

The dogs don't like this wet, dry, wet weather and have rather mooched around all day - eventually both taking themselves off to bed!  We did try to dodge the rain when we went out for a walk - but no such luck!

Anyway we are nearing the end of this momentous day - mortgage free eh? who would have thought? - and I am pleased to say that the fast is holding.  There was a huge temptation to celebrate with food but I am chuffed that I didn't.  Since I am trying to weigh in after the second fast day I will weigh in tomorrow morning and report back.  Please don't expect a repeat of last week though!!


  1. Well done!!!!! What a nice surprise! When we paid ours off I was expecting balloons fireworks the lot, but no just a card handed over the counter to pay off the final balance. Couldn't even do it on line in those days!! Well done on all the sewing!xxxxxxx

    1. I know - it's a strange feeling that something you've paid every month since around 1986 is now finished. However it's a feeling that won't take long to get used to!

  2. Oooo happy days!! Isn't it a lovely feeling! After all those years of paying, for your house to finally be yours and know no one can give you notice to leave is amazing isn't it! We did have a minor disappointment on ours this week...having paid the amount we were told...the online statement shows 57p still outstanding!!

    1. Nooooooooooooo - I like everything to be clear and sorted!

  3. Congratulations, think of all that spare money to spend every month now?

    And you can still celebrate tomorrow .

    Blocks all looking good.

    And hope it's me pleased tomorrow, cos you bought the scan an cut!