Sunday, 8 May 2016

A bright idea - and a new challenge!

Firstly, may I apologise for there being no blog yesterday - I had written it late but somehow forgot to publish it!


Today was another all day activity at Scamblesby where 11 of us get together to sew each month.  We are currently working on a joint project - the Anni Downs quilt - which I grappled with all day trying to quilt it.  I think I won!  It now has to be trimmed and have a binding & hanging sleeve all sewn on - so nearly finished!

Although I have plenty of projects to keep me going for the rest of the year, I had been mulling an idea over for some time and ran it past Sewingbuddy before presenting it to the rest of the group.  By and large we are all experienced quilters and I wondered if we could design our own together. Inspired by the Splendid Sampler concept,  I put the idea to the girls - rather like a book club / mystery bock of the month club, everyone will take responsibility for a month and present their pattern to the rest of the group, plus a worked sample, the month before so that fabric may be selected and pieces cut.  Everyone seemed eager to give it a try, although a little fearful.  Now I just have to think of an idea for myself!  We allocated months based on birthdays!

Today was also a celebration for one of our merry band - Louise is 50 on Tuesday so we had a celebration cornflake cake!  (I didn't have one by the way!)

Dietwise, things are still going well.  Today is my normal eating day and I have stuck to under 2000 calories.  The scales are showing a 4 pound loss and my first fast day of the week is tomorrow.  It was nice to enjoy a sausage roll without feeling guilty!


  1. Another great day, wish there were more Sunday's in the month.
    And a great idea of yours- I must say, and am looking forward to it, after all our other projects are finished , of course.x

  2. You and your projects...don't know how you keep pace with them all. Sounds like a brill diet...maybe you have found THE one!

  3. Relieved to see both of your blogs, thought you had given up!!
    Pleased you enjoyed yourself yesterday and today. Keep going with the projects I look forward to seeing them. Xxxx