Thursday, 5 May 2016

Dedicated to my very wise mother!

Well I had an early morning surprise - I hopped on the scales after my week in Devon -and lost 5 pounds?  How?  I don't pretend to understand it but perhaps my wise mother was correct!!

Today's tasks were mainly WI related - first there were savoury biscuits to make for their cheese and wine evening tonight (they were yummy - I had to try one now didn't I?),

then there was a quiz to create all about cheese and a prize for the winning team to wrap up,

and, finally, some posies to create for anyone celebrating their birthday in May.

Once those jobs were out of the way, I set to attaching the borders to my Anni Downs quilt - with a view to layering it up tomorrow.

There was, of course, washing to be done, letters to be sent, dogs to be walked up at the beach and boxes to be moved out of the craft room (I am hoping that the room can be decorated when I go away in June).  It's amazing how energetic you feel in this beautiful weather!  I hope that everyone else has had such a good day. x


  1. Ahhh!!! Bless, thank you. The biscuits look scrummy. You've certainly had a busy day. Hope you enjoy tonight. X

  2. Busy busy indeed...and wow to the weight loss!

  3. Great weight loss,
    Think it's due to the stopping of Diet Coke .
    Quilt looks good,
    What next?

    1. Once the quilt is finished I can make a start on all my Christmas presents - only 7 months to go!