Thursday, 26 May 2016

Darn it - I've gone and done it again!

This morning was a WI meeting discussing what we were going to enter in The Lincolnshire Show.  The category is an exhibit with a flower arrangement, craft item and food item - all within the theme of "Coast or Country" and to be set within a 2 ft square - yikes!  It was a small group of flower arrangers, crafters and cooks so my plan was to contribute but sit back and not volunteer.  So how come we are using my piece of bark for the arrangement (I'm not doing the flowers) and I'm making the craft item - a picnic bag with Carine's fabric?  How do I get myself in this mess?

After the meeting, it was a quick trip into Louth to buy some contrast fabric so that I can (hopefully) make the bag this weekend.

Then it was home for a late lunch.  Today is the last fast day of the week so it was the usual boiled egg and I am planning on having smoked haddock, cabbage, carrots and broccoli for dinner.  I don't think that I will have lost much this week but I tried on a pair of trousers a size smaller yesterday - and they fitted!

Despite being walked, Daisy is being a right madam today - has no-one told her that puppies sleep?  So I will keep this short and go and feed her - perhaps that will stop her mithering!


  1. Oh dear how do you do it!! Mind you, I understand...I find it hard to say no...but am learning to say it diplomatically...but then have the guilt to deal with!

  2. Can't wait to see the picnic bag, what pattern you using?

    1. The traveller sewing bag you sent me

  3. You have to do your bit! I'm sure the bag will be lovely. Did I mention I bought some lovely 'Owl' fabric recently. Now that would make a lovely bag. Hash tag, just saying!!!! Xxxxxx