Friday, 6 May 2016

My first fast day

Let's start with last night and a very enjoyable cheese and wine evening at the WI.  The quiz went well - I particularly liked the question "which cheese would you use to hide a small horse?" (Marscapone) - and I came third with my savoury biscuits.  With 9 entries, and not known as a baker, I was pleased with that result!

So, onto today and my first day of fasting.  If you recall I am allowed 500 calories over the day - some people "graze", some only have an evening meal and some don't eat at all.  I tend to be hungry if I eat breakfast so I opted for a coffee with milk (only enough milk for 2 white coffees) for breakfast, elevenses (outside in the sun) was a herbal infusion with liquorice and oriental spices ( I don't like fruit teas because they all seem to taste like tea so finding this was a revelation - it actually tastes as it is described!), lunch was half a container of a Covent Garden carrot and butternut squash soup and tea will be smoked haddock, new potatoes, broccoli, carrots and cabbage with a sugar free liquorice sweet and a cup of coffee for afters - total intake is 498 calories!( I feel bad that I've wasted 2 calories!!)  Clearly there has been a lot of water consumed ( and I will be up all night!) but I am impressed with how little hunger that I have felt.  On a scale of 1-10 my hunger pains have never reached above 5 so that is manageable.

I have, of course, kept myself busy - mainly clearing the table in the craft room so that I can layer up the Anni Downs quilt.  The plumbers called round to check on the new boiler, dogs were walked, general errands run and the grass has been mowed (a total shock to the front grass verge who experienced its first cut!!)  Once I have published this blog, I am even off to make a surprise Splendid Sampler block that looks very manageable in a short time.  I understand that this way of eating does give you more energy - eventually.  I will admit to feeling a tad tired and somewhat clock watching - only 3 hours to go until dinner time etc - but I am impressed with myself.  Let's hope that the scales next Thursday reflect this.(Shhh - they were a pound down this morning!)


  1. Well I must say that sounds pretty good for a fast day! I thought, when I first heard of it, it was real fasting!
    Don't go mad tomorrow though!

  2. Well done, it's easier than you think.
    And if you are like me you won't feel like bingeing tomorrow.
    Hope you are not on a fasting day Sunday though

  3. As Scamblesby sausage rolls are on the menu? - yum yum!

    1. Looking forward to a sausage roll ( or 2) - no it's a non fasting day sonim okay