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Sunday, 29 May 2016

and so it continues .............

So - today was the day.  I would get up early, tackle the bag and finish it - all within a day!  Well - that was the aim.  The first obstacle came when I woke up - 8:20am.  Oh - perhaps that was down to the early start yesterday and the activity during the day.  Never mind - have breakfast and get started.

By 10 am, the bobbins had been filled, the zipper foot attached (yes the first step was the worst - put a zip in!), the pieces of fabric lined up and I was ready to go.  'shudder", shudder", "scream" - the machine shuddered to a stop flashing a fault!  Oh how I longed to do some weeding!  Never mind - that's why I have a second machine - my workshop workhouse.  Out it came and went like a dream - the zip was in!  It was all downhill now - right?  wrong - the top stitching puckered the fabric and had to be taken out.  By midday I had finished the zipped pocket and basted around it ready for insertion into the seams of the bag later.

So - cut to the chase Lynda - how far have you got?

Well - I've made all the pockets ready to sew onto the outside and the lining

and quilted the two outside pieces.

And that's it!  Don't get me wrong its a lovely pattern to follow and I really wish that it wasn't Carine's fabric - I am falling in love with this bag - I just don't know if I will have the appetite to make another one.  I am out tomorrow and Tuesday so will have to fit the final few steps in between so that its ready to be seen and inspected on Wednesday. On a different note, I finished my hand embroidered Lynette Anderson heart yesterday and so put block 4 together.  That also means that I am now up to date ready for block 5 to pop through the door - possibly later this week.

I don't know how they will all go together eventually - but here are the first 4 blocks.  You should also remember that there are buttons to be sewn on after quilting.  The last block, for example has two worms being picked at by the hens, whereas the pig block has a pig driving the tractor - its really charming.


  1. BG looking good, do hope your machine is o.k, have you tried it again since?
    Loving the lynette Anderson blocks.
    By the way- talking about being up to date with things, what about the 365 day challenge?

    1. er - what 365 challenge would that be?

  2. Ooo err on the machine!Looking good though :)