Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I survived!

Well - I survived the 2 day fast!  Truthfully it was reasonably easy and that ice cream last night sure tasted good!  I don't believe that this will be a regular thing - but its good to know that I could if necessary.

Today I decided to set to and make some gluten free cakes.  I wanted to try out my new Victoria sandwich tins - mini cakes with a push up bottom - and Wendy has to have a gluten free diet so I thought that I would make them for the sewing class tonight.  The tin worked like a dream and, even though I say so myself, the final result is not too shabby!  The recipe - an all in one easy method - is here at https://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/delicious-gluten-free-victoria-sponge/#reviews

Having bought the new ipad, and told mum that she can have my old one, I popped round to a good friend today and asked her if she wanted my Kindle fire.  She already has a tablet but it really struggles with speed of connectivity etc .  She was delighted and I spent a couple of hours setting her up with emails, facebook, kindle apps and a calorie counting app (she's trying a low cal diet so this must be easier than looking everything up). There is clearly more to explain but you can get information overload!

After a late lunch and a dog walk (where Daisy missed timed her leap down the hill and skidded on her nose - she wasn't hurt but it was funny) I then set to trying to complete the homework due in tonight - some free machine quilting.  I must confess to not being a fan but am not hating it as much as I did.  It just pains me that we work for ages making a block and then cover it in dense quilting - ah well I have to learn I guess.  Last week I got an "excellent" - let's see what the reaction is tonight!


  1. Well done on the 2 day fast. Those cakes look lovely, shame you can't e.mail me one. We need something to help us celebrate the fact that we are to become great grandparents for the fourth time!!!!!!! Hope all goes well tonight. xxxxx

  2. Your eldest brother's third child!!!!!!!

  3. Those cakes look very professional! I didn't have much success on my attempt!
    Oooo to a new baby in the family!!! We might get to see this one more often too :) being so much nearer to us....how exciting!