Monday, 9 May 2016

Fast day number 2

As usual, let's start with last night when I finished a bonus block for the splendid sampler.  I must admit to being a few blocks behind due to going away on holiday - I will have to designate one day this week to catch up!

As the title suggests - today was my second fast day and, if truth be told, a little more difficult than the first one.  I have had a cup of coffee, some herbal tea, a boiled egg for lunch and will have smoked haddock plus veg for dinner.  I am feeling pleased that I have managed to do the challenge - even having a cup of black coffee for the first time!

Today was largely dominated by the Monday afternoon craft group.  This morning was spent cutting out the various pieces to make this audition block before embarking on the project with the rest of the group this afternoon.  Jean came, eager to show off her wonky houses - she had gone to town and had made SIX of them!!

Sewingbuddy also made a surprise appearance - she usually works on a Monday but had a bit of time so popped over for a nosy and a chat!  After the group we went back to Jean's for more gassing - hence the black coffee ( no calories left for the milk!)

After walking the dogs in this beautiful weather, it was then back home ready to start thinking about tea and a quick bit of gardening. Tonight's "crafting" must include a tidying of my craft box - it is simply overflowing everywhere!


  1. I just love those wonky houses!!! I might have mentioned it before but they would make a lovely wall hanging, and it just so happens that I have just the room to put it in!!!!
    Well done on the fasting day. Xxxx

  2. Well she wouldn't want you to get bored now would she!
    Well done on the fasting day!

    1. No chance with that one - mum keeps me busy!!

  3. Had a lovely afternoon visiting your somercotes group, and gassing, trying hard to not talk about food.
    Any way hope you enjoyed your dinner and manage to stick to it until bed time.
    A word of advice -
    Keep the Percy pigs well out of site.

    1. Dinner was great and am now embroidering my SS block after researching satin stitch on you tube. Percy is well and truely hidden out of sight - until tomorrow at least!

  4. Lovely bonus block Lynda! Those little houses are really cute too! Congratulations on making it through another fasting day! Christine x