Sunday, 1 May 2016

Will they or won't they?

Coming from a family of Leicester City fans as I do, there was only one topic of conversation - would Leicester City beat Manchester United today and win the English Premier League today?  My baby brother, Mike, had dyed his hair blue and travelled from East Sussex to Manchester, picking up his nephew en route.  I hadn't realised that he would be sitting, with his blue hair, in the Manchester United end!

Meanwhile Mum paid for a Now TV sports pass so that Dad could watch the match live.  The dogs settled, we had lunch, and the match begun!

Now I will admit to not knowing the names of most players - which makes it difficult to follow if you're listening to the commentary - but I was aware of Dad's involuntary movement as he heads or kicks the ball for his team! (I don't know whether you can see it but Dad has clenched his hands and is poised to score!)

The second half was extremely tense ( although we did receive news that Mike was still alive!).  If it had been left up to "twinkle toes dobson" then Dad would have scored at least six goals.  However a 1:1 draw means that Leicester fans now have to wait.  If Spurs lose tomorrow night then Leicester win the title - otherwise it will need a win next week.

Now I need to lie down in a darkened room - it's not even my team!

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  1. Oh the agony...I cant take the stress!! Make room for me in that darkened room will you!