Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hi everyone - I've been blinged!

Hi everyone - it's Daisy here again!  I've had such a wonderful time today that I really wanted to write the blog.

Today started as normal - I loved running in and out of the garden trailing dirty footprints everywhere I went.  Mum wasn't very happy but she was busy tidying the lounge of all my mess ( I really do cause chaos you know he he) and planting out these tiny plants.  Grandma had got them free and mum hadn't planted them out yet - they've gone a little leggy but should be okay (I'm a gardener AND a very intelligent doggy!)

After chew time, Mum put me in the car.  I knew that this must be a special trip because she allowed me to sit in the front seat - but I didn't expect to see my friend Gina.  She tells me that she's a dog groomer but I just love getting into her enormous bath, having my golden locks blow dried and then standing there whilst she cuddles me and cuts all my fur off (well it was getting a bit hot under all this fur !)  It's a good job that mum took a before photo - afterwards she hardly recognised me!  I really liked the bow that Gina put in and couldn't wait to show Auntie Jean my new look.  My bow had some bling in the centre!

I thought that would be it but, would you believe it, Auntie Jean gave me some Rich Tea biscuits as a treat and then, as if that wasn't enough, mum took Millie and I (is that good enough grammar to pass those SATs?) up to the beach so that I could enjoy a good run.  My day just could not get any better.

When we got home, I stretched out in the sun, Millie joined me and Mum started to sew some quilt blocks (what's new there then?)  All in all it's been a great day and I look fabulous!  Mum tells me that I'm off on my holidays soon so this is all part of getting ready.  Maybe I should have my toe nails painted - what do you think?

Bye xx


  1. Oooo a bit of pampering aye..before you know it you will be booking yourself into spa days!
    You look very swish indeed!

  2. You are so clever Daisy - writing the blog!!!! So pleased you enjoyed you day. Not quite sure about the going though. I can't imagine Millie liking it!!!! Xxx

    1. A girl has to have her special treats xx

  3. You look gorgeous Daisy- but for how long I don't know?