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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oh, ah, ouch .....

Now I am going to be honest.  Yesterday I woke up full of energy whereas others on the holiday complained of being bone weary.  Today I know how they feel!  Everything feels like a real effort - even something simple like walking.  Of course its probably partly due to the swimming yesterday - I haven't swam for two years so may well have overdone it!  I read somewhere that, when you start exercising, you shouldn't overdo it at first and should make an appointment with yourself to make sure that you don't find another reason to avoid it.  Consequently I am swimming tomorrow and Friday - with rest days in between!

After sorting the kitchen out, it was time to look at this sampler UFO - with only 1 square left to complete, I cut the rest to size and laid them out for a possible final positioning.

Then it was time to set to with the final square - an appliqued one that shouldn't take too long.  With any luck I can start the sashing process tomorrow.

Tonight's sewing class is finishing the Kantha stitching that we started last time.  However the teacher also has two more patterns for us to complete if we wish to.  On holiday I bought some more threads so my next "job" was to prepare some back ground fabric and attach the weaveline stabiliser.

By now the dogs were making it abundantly clear that they wanted some attention - so we went out for a walk.  I keep seeing nice weather pictures from around the country - I think that we have forgotten what the sun looks over here!  I did  try to get 40 winks - but then the BT digger turned up so no such luck!!

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  1. I always think that pain after exercising is "doing you good pain!" Love the colours in that UFO