Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Waiting for THAT phone call .......

Last night I left you in a frustrating position - Mum and Dad had put an offer in for a house and we were awaiting to hear the outcome - and wait we did - all night and this morning.  I was due to be out for the day and had to leave the house with no news - how frustrating.

I was meeting some good friends form Oldham , where I used to live and work.  They are the parents of two of my Godchildren (well I say Godchildren - they are32 and 28 respectively!) and we meet up at a "central" point every 6 months of so and catch up.  As usual, we met at The Dovecote Inn, Laxton, and enjoyed a lovely lunch - I had "a pot of mushrooms with chervil sauce and rye bread"

followed by good old Ham Egg and chips - you really can't beat it!

I used to work with Margaret but she has now retired and is loving her life of am-dram, volunteering as a guide at a local museum and taking on "extras " roles.  her latest one is in a soon to be shown drama called "Funny Cow" and stars Maxine Peake and John Bishop - look out for that one.

But what about the house you say?  Well, after some negotiation on Mum's part (never take her own - for your own sake!), she finally phoned with the news "We've bought a house!  They managed to agree a price that leaves both parties feeling good about the purchase, will contact surveyors tomorrow and will ring the owners later to arrange, hopefully, another visit to "measure up" before they go home on Friday.  They have a lot of furniture to bring and so must decided which bits just won't fit so need to be left.  It's all go, go , go!!


  1. Yayy! They got there in the end! Do not envy that job of sorting out what to take and what to leave!

  2. Brilliant news!
    But like happy mum don't envy them actually sorting out the move,
    but then the good daughter you are , you could always go down and help them ?

  3. How far is the new place from yours?
    How far will they be moving
    What about their old house sold? Or selling ?
    Questions questions

    1. Sorry Colleen - they currently live about 7 hours drive away and are approaching 79 and 77. Before they get to a point where they are not well enough to handle such a move they wanted to get settled nearer to family - the new house will be about 20 mins from me and 25 mins from one of my brothers - much easier to deal with any emergencies should they arise. They have sold their house (well, subject to a survey as ever) and so felt that they could now put an offer on this one - all very fraught!

  4. Thanks for you kind answers to my nosey questions.