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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Roll on November 9th!

Last night we had a celebratory last meal - a roast beef dinner with ore beef and vegetables that we could imagine!  We were also given a glass of bubbly to mark the final evening.  We then went back to continue with our projects - devoted to the last. 

I managed to finish a Christmas present (back view - sorry),

before starting to complete some sampler squares from two years ago.  This is supposed to be my UFO for March - running out of time as ever!

This morning, that quest continued with a third square and a fourth one started (hand embroidery).  That then leaves me with one final square to start and complete before trying to cut to size and complete - gulp!

We then, of course, had the obligatory group photo with our stash of completed goodies, before packing our cars up, having lunch and then making our merry way home - after wishing everyone a goodbye and "we'll see you next Sunday at Scamblesby!"  I even managed to get home in time to pick up the dogs from the Kennels and they are now fast asleep at my feet - nice to be needed eh?

As for November 9th?  Well, would you believe it, we are all checking diaries but have provisionally booked another retreat in November!

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