Monday, 27 March 2017

Was it all a dream?

Back home and back to reality!  Today started with our craft group.  Truthfully even I am sewed out but we met up as usual and had our last meeting before the Easter break.  I took my hand quilted block to continue with.

After a cold dog walk, lunch and a nice meeting with the auditor who confirmed that all was well with the books - phew! - it was then off for a swim.  You may recall that I joined the leisure pool at our local holiday park and this was my first visit of the season.

With the washing completed, suitcase packed away and house tidied, it was then time to try and finish the challenge entry for this week's Scamblesby meeting.  I've got so far, and just know that it needs something, but still not sure what.  This afternoon was a time to "play" with some ideas ( it's still not finished though!)

So, the frantic, fun filled days of the holiday have passed and life is returning to normal.  Just have to catch up with sleep, and eat less (much less) food now and all will be well!  Today I have started a 7 day slimming world menu plan - will let you know the results next week.


  1. Its tough coming back from a holiday, but we all have to come home save up for the next one!