Thursday, 9 March 2017

A taste of Lincolnshire

Well - I am being spoiled!  Last night I slept extremely well again and have woken up to a lovely sunny morning!  So, full of "vim and vigour" I set to ........... trying to finish the church admin!  Ah well, it just had to be done and delays the other jobs on today's list - emptying the fire place, dusting and hovering afterwards etc etc!  Mind you, one of the admin tasks involved popping into the village.  Just as I approached the village the most awful noise sounded from the back of the car.  I limped along to the garage where the ruts in the gravel told me that I had a very flat tyre!  Fortunately the nice man changed it to my spare and I went back this afternoon to have a new tyre fitted - grrr, good job I sold that machine!

After that lovely incident (I know, it could be worse - I could be travelling at speed and be miles away from help!) I did pop upstairs to the spare room with the duster and hoover.  I only mention this because you may recall that I bought a cordless Dyson to leave upstairs and stop the hassle of lugging a hoover up and downs the stairs for one guest bedroom.  Sadly I have to report that this hoover is so good that it hasn't made it upstairs yet - the main hoover has not been used for AGES!!

Of course I needed some sewing in my life and had come across a pattern to make these small notion bags on pinterest - I had planned to cut out the pieces and take it to Scamblesby at the weekend but couldn't wait. I have certainly learnt from this first attempt - but it certainly fullfills its purpose!  It didn't, however, quite fit into the new bag in the way I wanted - so - of course - I just had to make a smaller second one - now I am much happier!

Tonight I am out with the WI Supper Club where we have reserved 25 places (how big is our supper club getting?) at the local College's own restaurant.  Every Thursday night the students cook for up to 35 covers for a reduced price and we have heard good things about their food so  am looking forward to it.  The menu, as you may have guessed is a limited one and I have copied it below.  Tonight's them is "A Taste of Lincolnshire" and I have chosen the Haslet, the pork loin and the panna cotta - mmmmmm. Will report back tomorrow!

Taste of Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire haslet Cote Hill Blue, mushrooms, celery & walnuts

Beetroot Apple & Parsnips


Pork loin and stuffed chine celeriac, mustard & pineapple

Belleau Trout la Grenobloise Ratatouille, Bloody Mary & Batemans Leeks

From the fields of South Holland celebration of locally grown brassicas


Stokes coffee panna cotta caramel sauce and sponge

Plate of Yorkshire forced rhubarb


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