Thursday, 16 March 2017

The veg trug is up!!

Today Mum and Dad revisited "their" new home and bonded with heir sellers.  Discussion took place about what was staying - all the kitchen equipment, for example and most of the curtains - and Dad discovered that he could gain another 6 feet or so of the garden - apparently their boundary fence isn't on the true boundary - result!  In short, they have come away happy to go home , knowing that everything this end is as sorted as it could be.  The next step is to get the property surveyed and hope that nothing nasty crops up which could endanger the sale.

Of course all of this activity take it out of you - and so we met up at the local tea shop for a refreshing cake n cuppa.  Dad was brave, bless him, and had cheese with his Lincolnshire plum bread!

Once home, Dad kindly did a couple of jobs for me - putting a mirror up and hanging the cordless Dyson up on a wall charger - before the Z team ( Mum and I) started on the construction of the Veg Trug.  I had watched the you tube video several times - how hard could it be?  Of course, reality set in and Dad came out to help - eventually resulting in my fantastic veg trug!!  Ta da!! 

The next step is to buy the adjustable spanner to tighten the nuts, paint some more sealant onto it to protect it, line it, load up the soil and then plant away - and then the fun starts!  Mind you - the dogs tried to help by giving advice from afar!
Tonight Mum, Dad and I are out for a meal with my brother and his wife before Mum and Dad go home tomorrow.  It might only have been a flying visit but they have sure achieved a lot!

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  1. They certainly have! Love the veg trug! As for cheese and plum bread, sounds as delicious as cheese inside hot cross buns....mmmm