Wednesday, 22 March 2017

1 day to go ..........

..... and the list of jobs start to mount up!

First up this morning was to take Daisy to the groomers for her 6 weekly trim.  She always comes back looking so trim and pretty - but just not my tomboy Daisy!  Whilst she was being groomed , I planted out the vegetable plants in my veg trug.  Suddenly the massive trug seems quite small - it now contains 6 caulis, 6 sprouts, 6 cabbages and 6 turnips, 5 strawberry plants and a line of carrots.  As the weather warms up I will plant some lettuces at the edge of the trug - it's exciting isn't it?

On the way home with Daisy, I popped into Jeans for a cuppa and to drop off her share of the veg plants, before  coming home and stripping the bed for another load of washing.  I know that I could leave the house in a mess but its much nicer to come home to a neat and tidy house with clean bed sheets now isn't it?  In that vein I also did an online grocery shop to be delivered Sunday evening so that I don't have to worry about going out next week.

Once the washing had finished, and the last load of ironing had been completed, it was time to pack the suitcase ( I always worry that I have forgotten something), contact the house sitter, make sure that the sewing machine has been serviced and has all the correct leads & feet and to sort the car out.  It's not particularly messy but we will need every inch of space if Terry and Jean are to be believed - I think that we must be going to outer Mongolia for six months!  There might also be a couple of bottles chilling overnight in the car - just to be sociable you understand!

I have no idea what the wifi situation is like on holiday so will post if I am able. However I should warn you that the posts are likely to be sewing, sewing, sewing!  What's new?