Thursday, 23 March 2017

We've arrived!!

Having set off at the crack of dawn, sorted the house sitter out and taken the dogs to the kennels, it was time to pick Jean and Terry up ( remembering to force everything into the car of course) and head off into the wilds of Norfolk.  On the way we stopped for a bacon buttie and then made good progress into the retreat.

On arrival we were met by our hosts, Alex and Emma, who could not have been friendlier and force fed us coffee and biscuits followed by lovely homemade soup and rolls.  However the main event was to be shown into the amazing sewing room and get started!  We have all brought a number of projects and I am quite sure that we won't finish them all- my first project is a bag that starts with quilting NINE prices of fabric ( I know that I should have done this before I set off!).  

To mark the occasion I had given everyone a present - remember those stocking fillers I mentioned?- a needlecase with a picture of the retreat - Emma had never seen that before and Alex asked for another 50 before we left so that he could give them as presents - I declined!

So - so far, so good - hopefully we will have pictures to show progress tomorrow.  So far it's only Jean that has managed to complete a project!
Mind you - Terry and I have beaten the record - bottle has been opened by 2pm!  I didn't take the picture - I'm not that drunk that I would take a shaky picture!


  1. Looking very professional in your pinny! What lovely pressies, you clever thing you :)

  2. Enjoy yourselves girls, looking forward to seeing all those completed projects, mind if your on the bottle before 2pm.......

  3. Looks and sounds a great retreat! Have a wonderful time Lynda! Christine x