Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The power of sleep

As you are aware I have not been sleeping well for the past three nights so it was no surprise that I fell asleep on the sofa yesterday evening.  Last night, however, I feel deeply asleep and slept for nearly 9 hours straight - and wow, do I feel all the better for it!  Confined to the house until the felting machine was collected by a courier, my first task was to finish the bag from yesterday which didn't take long.

Next up was some housework - I have a wooden floor with a runner on in the hallway and, periodically, it's nice to take the runner up and give the hallway a good bottoming out.  Today was just that day!  As I rolled up the runner, I couldn't understand why there were always bits and bobs underneath - that question as quickly solved by looking at the culprit.  I wouldn't mind but the craft room floor had just been swept as well!

With two floors drying off, it was then time to tackle the bedroom - aren't I being a real domestic goddess today? - before being allowed back into the craft room for some more sorting out.  Who am I kidding - the more I sort, the more mess I seem to make - painting the forth bridge would be an easier task than this!

After lunch, it was time for some church admin until the parcel had been collected and I could take the dogs for a walk, finish some ironing, tidy up my email in box (my phone said that I had over 1200 unread emails so managed to whittle that one ever so slightly!) and tidy the lounge - who says that I don't live an exciting life?  Of course reality says that the dog walk then brought dirt back into the hallway and created dust in the lounge, Daisy shredded another piece of paper to be tidied up and cooking dinner will another load for the washing machine.  Why, oh why does it never end?  The only difference for me is that today I have the energy to tackle it - yippee!

I even tackled Pat's block from The Scamblesby Challenge (I know that she reads this blog so Hi Pat - loved the block!).  It went together well and now needs the straight sides of the green "star" rolling back and sewing - think cathedral windows!  This now means that I am almost up to date - having done the 4 blocks for Jan to April (I know - we are on the ball here) and one bonus block.  the second bonus block is the English Paper Piecing one from Carine and I might take that away on holiday with me at the end of March.  Since this challenge was my idea I did feel guilty that I was lagging behind!

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