Monday, 6 March 2017

Trying to keep my eyes open ....

Last night I woke up at 2:30am for a comfort break and just could not get back to sleep!  In fact I gave up at 4am and got up.  Consequently today has been in a bit of a fog!  Mind you - the short dishwasher action - not to mention quiet - came into useful action.

So, being a Monday, first up was the Monday Morning Gang - I actually lost 2lbs despite those lovely puddings that I didn't eat ate on Saturday night.  That was closely followed by the Textile Group where we were continuing with our needle turned Christmas block.  I would say that everyone is giving this new skill a real go, although some are finding it more difficult than others.  Next week, however, comes the toughie.  I am asking them to design their own embroidery block!

Home, lunch and 40 winks later (it would have been at least 80 but Daisy had other ideas) and it was time to think about tidying around.  With visitors coming at the weekend, not to mention that it is supposed to be spring cleaning week this week, one has to be prepared you know!  I also had the needlefelting machine to pack up.  You may recall that I listed this unused machine on Preloved and today, right out of the blue, sold it.  They are arranging for a courier to collect it on Wednesday - thank heavens for brown parcel tape, that's all I can say!  I must, at this stage, give Sewingbuddy some credit.  After teasing her yesterday, it was her that put me onto Preloved so you could say that she "takes" with one hand but gives with the other!

Walking the dogs was later than usual - the weather had turned quite wet over lunchtime but began to clear up again - before it was time to sort out my fabric and notions for a sewing workshop with Sewingbuddy tomorrow.  We are trying out a new venue but I notice that it is a sewing shop with a café attached - can't see anything wrong with that arrangement!

Tonight's craft?  Well, if I don't fall asleep and if I don't want to add to my pile of UFO's then it will be the needle turned block - it shouldn't take more than a couple of evenings to finish.  Now if that isn't famous last words then I don't know what is!!

I would also say that the postie was extra nice today - the magic fairy must have ordered this large ruler - just the right size to make wedding bunting (according to my baby brother anyway!).


  1. Oh dear, sleepless nights are a pain and seem to happen to us ladies of certain ages! Lovely ruler!

  2. Good you sold the felting machine
    I should be entitled to commission or an introductory fee for preloved for your sales lol!
    Hope you get a good sleep tonight, need a clear head for tomorrow.