Friday, 31 March 2017

Deadline approaching ...............

Why do I do it to myself?  would it really be the end of civilisation as we know it if this sampler was not finished by the end of today?  No, of course not!  So, why did I find myself sewing the sashing together after 10pm last night so that I "just" had to add the hanging sleeve and binding today?

After a lovely sleep, I woke up to sunshine - which didn't last and the rain soon appeared - ah well, at least I don't have to water the vegetables today (the sunshine did appear later).  First job was to sort the house out - it's feeling neglected at the moment! (Daisy helped by bringing plastic pots in full of soil - bless!)  Then it was on to the afore mentioned binding.  Without a large piece of fabric to cut from, I used 2 1/2 inch strips from some of the fabrics used in the sampler.  It's always a guess for me as to how long the binding should be (I know - I could measure it but .....) and I usually make too much but, today, the binding was exactly right!!

A dog walk, lunch and a swim later (today I upped my game, since I can't go again until Monday, and swam 770m), I then set to and hand sewed the binding and hanging sleeve in place.  I can't hang it yet behind my bed since I need to buy a pole, but I have met the deadline, with a matter of hours left - phew!  Three months in and the new year's resolution is intact - I have finished a UFO every month.  So, what's the one targeted for April I hear you say?  Well, last August, I paid for and attended an expensive sewing workshop with Lynette Anderson and started a bag.  Maybe I ought to get that finished before I go back to another workshop with her this August!

Tonight its the monthly book club meeting at the pub (Steak with jacket potato and vegetables, no pudding) and the quiz afterwards - one my of my favourite nights out.  Now then, I've just got a few minutes free to spend on the current jigsaw - a very tempting one, borrowed from Trish, depicting our favourite sweets and chocolates  from the 1970's!

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  1. Really lovely colours on that sampler. Well done on the swimming! Not sure I could do that jigsaw, would be craving chocolate all the time!