Friday, 10 March 2017

Clearing out the glory hole!

As ever, let's go back to last night and the WI meal.  The restaurant was in a college and our menu was designed by the head chef for the night - who happened to be Lincolnshire's young chef of the year.  Expectations were high - and we were not disappointed.

Lincolnshire haslet Cote Hill Blue, mushrooms, celery & walnuts
Beetroot Apple & Parsnips

Pork loin and stuffed chine celeriac, mustard & pineapple

Stokes coffee panna cotta caramel sauce and sponge

Plate of Yorkshire forced rhubarb
Doesn't it all look nice? 
Today started with a visit to church for a working party - the dumping ground needed a good "bottoming out" and "many hands make light work" - even in a cold church on a cold day!!  Once home I just couldn't resist - I had to make a third version of the mini storage bag - this time double layers to add strength to the bag.  They take about 30 mins to make and could become addictive!
Next up was a dog walk, before the sky becomes too much darker and threatens rain, followed by a general tidy round before settling in front of the tv with the ironing.  Can you please try to hide your jealousy at such a hedonistic life ?


  1. Meal looked lovely. You'll soon have made as many storage bags as I've made socks!

    1. Maybe I should make one for each pair of socks - no, strike that, you've made far too many!

  2. Blimey you are addicted!
    That meal looked scrumptious.

    1. I sure am - but now I need to decide what this bag is for and therefore how many more storage bags I need in this fabric before moving on to me personalised designed one - oh the troubles I have!