Sunday, 19 March 2017

4 days to go ........

Last night, as you may recall, was my monthly volunteering at the theatre.  As I walked in there was a round of applause from the bar staff - they assured me that thee was no hint or scarcasm there at all - they had simply missed me in December and January and were worried about me - hmmm!  Nice to be missed though!

Today was spent measuring and cutting again!  First up was finishing the bag kit that took me all afternoon yesterday.

Then it was on to a kit for a "Tooly" stand,

before moving onto making another sew organised bag kit - this time with Lynette Anderson fabrics.

I am sure that I will end up taking too much but, then again, I don't like to think that I might run out of projects!  So, my final preparations relate to this month's UFO (not that I am leaving this late at all!) - the sampler that I started several years ago in my sewing class.  There are two blocks to do from scratch, and several which require some more work, before quilting them, adding the sashing and binding the whole piece - sounds like a weekend's work in itself!!  On the plus side, if I don't finish the projects then I will have ready made kits to make - and have not bought a thing, apart from some mountboard, for any of them - saving money really!

The other task today was to get outside and get some fresh air.  Dad had pruned my raspberry canes for me and left last year's canes to clear up.  It was a welcome break to the proceedings - as was the treatment of the veg trug.  It comes ready treated but Dad felt as if one last coat couldn't hurt and might make it last just a little longer.

Time for some chillaxing now me thinks!


  1. Yes you have earnt it, sounds like a busy day

  2. Would be a complete nightmare to run out sewing wouldn't it!