Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy National Quilting Day

Well - I just had to celebrate that one now didn't I?

Last night we went out for a meal with my brother, Graham, and his wife, Janet - they very kindly picked up the bill!  We were trying a restaurant near to us that made a point of the customer cooking their own meat on a hot stone - we didn't really know what to expect.  However, we all agreed that the fillet steak / lamb was the best that we had tasted - and would certainly go back again!

Today started early - not only was Daisy making a racket but Mum and Dad wanted an early start to their journey home.  Consequently by 9am, the house was clear, I had tidied up, hoovered around and stacked the dishwasher - not bad eh?

Next Thursday Sewingbuddy and I, along with five other friends, are going on a Quilting Retreat for 4 days so the next few days will be targeting the holiday and the necessary preparations.  Of course the most important requirement is to get all of the possible projects sorted (I have changed my mind / had my mind changed so many times but it is preferable to get some of the preparation - cutting/ bonding etc done before we go).  Consequently today was a much needed visit to the hairdressers before meeting up with Sewingbuddy for a light lunch. 

Sewingbuddy, being Sewingbuddy had, by now, come up with yet another sewing project to be completed on the holiday - then a third idea just before we left - help!!  Mind you, having come up with the ideas, I am now making her do them!!

Home, and the weather has really changed and is cold!!  A couple of days ago I turned the heating off and could, I know, turn it back on but I fancied a real fire so, as I write this, the laid fire is hopefully taking and starting to roar!  Apart from some sewing of "stocking fillers, tonight will be a laid back, hand sewing evening in front of the tv - this week has been far too hectic for me!!


  1. Mmm that meal looked good, can never decide if I want to cook my own dinner though when we go out for a meal!

    1. it was worth it - and it's Mum's new "local" so perhaps you can give it a go when you visit.