Saturday, 18 March 2017

5 days to go .........

After Sewingbuddy's dreadful behaviour over the past few days, what did I wake up to today?  Another bag pattern that she fancied!! I ask you?  That was after being sent details of a workshop last night that we are now booked on!  Mind you, what goes around, comes around.  I was able to pass this appalling behaviour onto Wendy - after asking her advice re some fabric for our new sewing project after Easter, Wendy then bought a piece for herself!  Mind you - it is very nice!!  At this rate there will be no money left in the coffers soon!!

So - back to reality and holiday preparation time.  The washing machine has been on and today saw the start of the craft projects preparation.  I cannot convey how long it takes to cut out all the pieces for a particular project, especially if you are "fussy" cutting to ensure that the right image is where you want it.  This afternoon, after finishing the stocking fillers this morning, I managed to create the pack for the bag that Sewing buddy found (well, one of them at least!) and therefore the holiday storage box was started!

Tonight is one of my volunteer evenings where I serve ice creams and sweets in our local theatre so everything finishes early.  I must, however, share this picture that I came across on facebook from someone that I know.

Would you believe that it is a cake?  Yep - I couldn't at first either!!

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