Tuesday, 21 March 2017

2 days to go ........

Well, as expected, Millie was a real pain at the vets - only calming down when we got out and was on our way home - where she slept her anxiety off!

Today has been a really indulgent day - you could almost say that the holiday had started.  First up was a small breakfast at out local garden centre followed by a quick shop for essential sewing supplies - ha ha!

Then it was onto the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast.  The showing was quite full - from little girls in their Belle dresses up to aging grandparents.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the film but had to restrain myself from singing along!

By the time the film had finished and I got home, it was nearly tea time and not a lot achieved - but it was a lovely relaxing day!  Tonight will see another load of washing and some ironing - not the most glamorous of tasks, I know, but one that enables the exciting packing that will take place tomorrow!

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  1. Teen One is going to see that at the weekend with friends and then I have the pleasure of taking Teen Two another time...its a tough job!