Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Will I be organised now?

Today, after yet another sleepless night I might add, Sewing buddy and I spent a day in Lincoln doing a sewing workshop in a new location.  the cost was £20 - which, to the uninitiated, is peanuts - so I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.  The instructions were detailed and, whilst the teacher clearly preferred us to use the notes - she told us often enough to read them - easy to follow.  As a consequence I have come home with an almost completed storage bag for my sewing notions - just some hand sewing and about 10 minutes of machining to do!

I used fabric from America for mine

whilst Sewing buddy was making one for her niece.

I think that I also mentioned the café next door - well, we both succumbed to a lovely cake for afters at lunch time.  Perhaps it's a good job that we are not going back until may!!


  1. Mmm that cake looks good! Sounds like an ideal day and venue

  2. $24.32 in USA dollars the classes I have seen here in the USA have been priced higher than that and I really like the row by row fabric you used for your bag.