Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Caught red handed!

Last night, as you may recall, was Dad's birthday and my brother treated him to a ticket to see Leicester City play Seville.   As you know, Dad is a lifelong Leicester City fan - although this season has been a fairly up and down one.  However Dad, my brother and his son plus girlfriend all met up for what turned put to be an enjoyable match with Leicester winning 2-0 and going through to the quarter finals - he was still "buzzing" this morning!

With house matters dealt with, it was a "free" day and I picked Mum and Dad up and took them out for lunch at Brigg Garden centre - we enjoyed a "small" fish and chips although we ate it before I thought to take a photo.  I was also tempted by the veg and strawberry plants - I am hoping to make the trug up tomorrow so can get started with the planting.

On our way out of the building, an on our way to the car, Mum seemed to have totally missed the large warning sign - caution - wet paint - and put her hand on the newly painted red post.  As she got to the car I found a plastic bag to encase her hand and lesson the likelihood of her passing the mess on.  Sadly I didn't take a photo though - mind you it would have more blurred than usual - we were laughing too much!

Once home, I got the mower out and gave the lawn the first cut of the year - a rough cut you might say!  Still it's a job that needed doing. Meanwhile Daisy and Maisie (Dad's dog) have been playing really nicely together - a minor miracle if you knew both dogs!


  1. Well that little incident solved the problem of today's blog title! Hee hee hee wish I had been there!

  2. Oh man I've touched the wet paint also. You were so smart to bag her hand
    We all are hoping all goes well and that you will be able to move the parents without giving up any holidays