Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The perils of Pinterest - step away now!

Last night I was perusing Pinterest - I am REALLY good at saving links to different boards but never then going back and looking at what I saved - let alone actually completing the project.  Let's face it - I have enough sewing projects to last me this year (and several more besides!)  However Sewingbuddy and I are working our way through a range of bags which use the same lovely fabric and will therefore match.  We had bemoaned the lack of a lunch bag - that was until I found this free tutorial!!  Not only that, the Range has some shower curtains reduced by 70% which could be used for the lining. 

Okay, me thinks, not too bad - we were looking for a lunch bag after all.  But then I saw this!  Recently I have been bagging up my projects in ziplock bags - with a pattern and cut pieces inside.  These storage bags go one better and I am in love with them - cue more work!!  There isn't a pattern - you have to pay for that but the link is broken - but I think that I can work it out and make some slight adjustments - they're bigger versions of my mini storage bags aren't they?  I will really be organised at the next sewing retreat!!

After a quick trip into Grimsby for petrol and aforementioned shower curtain (plus a towel for my swimming activities - don't want to ruin a decent one), it was back home to quilt the last square and cut the sashing for my sampler hanging.  With a quick break for a dog walk and some lunch plus 40 winks of course (Daisy wedged herself own between me and the sofa and went to sleep with her head on me - bless), it was back to sewing before heading out to the swimming pool.  Fortunately I don't ache as much today so feel ready for the challenge again!  I did an extra 25 m today (625m altogether and so have added a tracker to this blog - can I swim the English Channel this year?  As you will see, I have also added a weight loss tracker again - well, you have got to keep trying now haven't you?  So far, so good - 3 days in lol!

Tonight I have the binding on my challenge entry to complete and then some handsewing on the sampler sashing.  This sampler will be finished by Friday - honest!


  1. You have been busy?
    Think project bag is a good idea .

  2. Project bags look brill! Organised is not the word!
    Well done on the swimming!