Sunday, 5 March 2017

Oops a daisy......

Imagine the scene - you walk into the church hall bearing your black cherry cheesecake.  At the moment it is in its tin with a push up bottom but a space has been left in the centre of the table for your creation so you get an upturned glass to stand the tin on and a plate to put the cheesecake on.  As the base moves up, so the "juice" starts to run over the side so you move the plate ever closer - just as well - in a flash the base comes up, the glass moves and you are left with a "hanging" cheesecake over the plate with the edge of the tin up your arm like a sleeve - all you can do is cry help!   Someone runs over with a plastic salad bowl and everything is "dumped " into it.  With judicious chopping you now have a VERY deconstructed cheesecake.  In fact the label now says that it WAS a cheesecake!  When I invited people to go for their puddings , I did apologise for the mess.  But, what do you know?  My pudding was the first to go!!  I think that this is the way forward!

This morning the weather is inclement - to say the least.  In fact as I type this blog I am dripping over the keyboard from walking the dogs at the beach and Daisy resembles a drowned rat again. It is a good job that I brought home a portion of Carine's lovely pea and ham soup followed by a piece of her disgustingly awful (who am I kidding?) salted caramel chocolate tart!

However a wet day is an excuse for a sewing fest - first up was the birthday present that is due tomorrow - phew - finished just in time.

Then it was onto the daisy block for the Scamblesby Challenge Quilt.  This block, you may recall was designed for us by Christine from Patchwork Allsorts.  I really enjoyed doing it - even if the single strand chain stitch was a bit fiddly.

Next up was the bunny block for the Scamblesby Challenge Quilt which I had prepared yesterday and just had to add the border and then free machine the edges of the appliqued shapes.  Well, I say just ....... of course I still have to add the bunnies tail, the centre of the daffodil and some embroidered words - otherwise its completely finished!

By now the day was drawing on and so it was time to prepare for The Textile Group tomorrow.  I must confess that I have not done anything since last Monday so ought to spend some time tonight.  It never looks good if the "tutor" is behind the students now does it?

By the way - in this world of "past truths" - I must right a wrong!  Yesterday I was falsely accused of not needing to be led astray by sewing buddy.  Today we were messaging on facebook and was discussing some liberty jelly rolls that she had seen on ebay and asked my opinion - when I gave it to her this was her response - in grey.  As I said - a total temptress - even she admits that I keep her on the straight!!  Just saying !!


  1. Oh dear better be careful what I write,
    But have to disagree, - think we are equal in leading each other astray.
    What a shame about the cheesecake?
    By the way You didn't mention if you ate any of the desserts on offer???

  2. Oops to the cheesecake! Been there done that, maddening isn't it!