Thursday, 30 March 2017

Anyone for a free cuppa?

Today was a trip to IKEA to buy a bookcase for the church.  That means a 2 hour journey each way so, of course, you have to make a day out of it!  Both Jean and Linda wanted a run out so we headed off around 8am, stopping at around 9:15 for a cuppa.  I was really good and resisted the urge to buy a muffin / lemon tart and then found that I had enough points on my Costa card for a cuppa - result!

 As IKEA devotees will know, we mooched around the marked path being tempted by all sorts of goodies - picture frames for Wendy and I to display our Kantha pictures, 2 Monty mice for Carine, etc, etc.  By lunchtime we had ended up, quite fortuitously, at the restaurant where I had meatballs a sw friendly Caesar salad that I had brought from home ( don't worry, I hid out of sight and the other two had bought their lunch).  I will admit, though, that my halo slipped with this lovely Princess Cake pud - who, on earth, resist marzipan?  Hey, guess what, the coffee here was free as well - since I had an IKEA card - with the pud costing just £1.10 this was turning into a cheap day out - food and drink wise of course!

After I had loaded my goodies into the car, and whilst I was waiting for the other two to arrive, I saw a "typical" IKEA shopper - one whose eyes must have been bigger than her car would transport.  Was she defeated?   No Way!! With the help of a kind IKEA man she drive away safely with this chair AND a footstool on the tiny back seat, plus a passenger who looked, from this angle as if she had a pot on her leg. I did chuckle to myself about her determination!

So, we are all safely back home and now have to find a home for everything.  Once that job has been completed, it's time to sew some more of the infamous sampler - in time for some hand stitching tonight.  Once that has been done, I then need to start getting ready for Sunday's workshop at Scamblesby - its all go, go, go here!

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  1. Love their Princess puds...but the best one I had was at the last family wedding...out of this world!
    Well done on avoiding the to following the pathway...does anyone actually do that??