Friday, 24 March 2017

Three needles broken within 5 minutes!

After a lovely dinner of chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with haggis ( dont knock it until you've tried it!) we went back to the sewing room where I managed to sew the outside of the bag together. Terry was not so lucky and her needle kept braking.  Eventually, whilst I sewed the bag for her, Terry sorted her machine out and got  it working again - just in time for us both to sew the lining.  I think that it's true to sat we should have just gone to bed - something was horribly wrong with my lining so, instead of pressing into and finishing the bag, we left it.  It was now around 9:30, we were the last to give in and we were shattered.  I have never ached so much in my life!!

The next morning, after 5 hours sleep since I couldn't drop off straight away, and we went to breakfast- trying to put off the evil moment when we faced our efforts!  We shouldn't have really worried - widen the seams, top with the binding and add the handles - hey presto, the bag was finished by 10am!

We then set off for Wroxham Barns and, erm, a fabric shop.  Now I am not saying anything but I did like this view when I stopped for a break!

Lunch was a very nice quiche, salad plus chips-mmmmmm.  There were also Jamie doughnuts for afters - as you will see from the forthcoming photos, we were very restrained!  

This afternoon Terry and I completed our second project- the Tooly!  Hey presto, 3 hours later it was done!

After a short break, and reorganising the sewing table, it was onto project 3 - another sew organised bag.  It will be interesting to see how much we can remember from that workshop in Lincoln!


  1. I remember the fabric shop in Wroxham Barns, sounds like you are having a great time...most of the time anyway!

  2. Gosh lucky you the bags and tooly are all things I am making or want to sew. Your meals sound so yummy