Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter!

After a lovely sunny start to this wonderful day, let me begin this blog by wishing everyone a Happy Easter xx

After a lovely service at church, it was time to pop over to Sewingbuddy's for the sewing bee - day 2.  Jean was continuing with her sew together bag whilst Sewingbuddy and I were attempting to make a Luna Lapin felt rabbit!  However we started with a lovely lunch - boy have I got my own support team with this weight loss venture.  Sewingbuddy had cooked a lovely roast chicken dinner - stuffing my breast with low fat cheese and wrapping with back bacon - fat removed.  Even the vegetables were dry roasted with just a minimal amount of oil.  Jean had then prepared a lovely fruit salad and I brought some lemon muller light yoghurt for afters - I have even got the fruit salad to bring home!  If I don't lose tomorrow then its not for the want of trying.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sewing - or rather trying to!  As you can see we managed two heads whilst Jean achieved some pockets in her bag - its all progress!

Tonight, after a tea of Pea and mint soup followed by fruit salad, I am continuing to embroider the Lynette Anderson block 10 - about a thousand or so leaves to do then!  It's been a lovely weekend but I guess that its now time to return to reality!

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  1. Wishing you a very Happy Easter Lynda! Looks like you are having fun! Christine x