Thursday, 20 April 2017

Memory loss - day 2

Well, Daisy didn't take long did she?  The howling started at 6:30am - lightly at first - and finished when I gave in at 7:30am.  We will need to have words tonight!!

With the second coat of paint beckoning, I delayed long enough to cut out and bondaweb on a mug rug (the photo is upside down - stand on your heads everyone!) before setting to with the paintbrush.  Two and a half hours later (feel my pain - every joint is aching like mad!) I came indoors for some lunch.  Looking at the shecave I can see progress but there's still a long way to go!

Along with some lunch (pea and mint soup since you're asking), there was a message from Wendy - her new toy had arrived and would I like to come round and play?  Well, of course, I rushed out and jumped into the car!!  She has worked really hard to quilt a lovely large quilt for her bed (I have taken a photo but am not allowed to show you yet) but has also been thinking (and saving) about a new machine - bigger and with more functions - well today it arrived!!

After a play, and a chat over a cuppa, it was time to come home and get ready for our church's AGM tonight.  As treasurer it is my job to present the accounts and try to answer any questions that arise.  Let's hope that there aren't too many difficult ones!

Dietingwise all is well - sort of!  I had planned to have salmon for tea but now can't find any in the freezer and the branded ones are 11 syns!!!!!!! so I am not using them.  So, at 4pm, I have taken a portion of mince out and will have to let it defrost over a low heat in the saucepan.  Any alternative that I came up with would have taken me way over my syn allowance - not good!

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