Monday, 17 April 2017

Playing catch up.

After another early start (grrrr), and enjoying the early morning sunshine before it all went overcast and cold, I set to finishing the lunch tote that we made on Saturday.  Both Sewingbuddy and I ignored the advice to bind the seams as we went along - but, thinking about it, thought that it would look a lot nicer with bound seams - so, I fought the battle!  I am not saying that it would ever pass the sewing police but it certainly looks a lot better and "finished".

Next up was this month's UFO - the Lynette Anderson bag from last year's workshop.  Having sewn all of those hexagons together, it was time to take all the papers out and then applique them to the front panel of the bag.  I guess that's tonight's sewing sorted then!  Well, apart from concentrating on "Broadchurch" that is!

After a dog walk up at the beach, plus a break for 40 winks in the lovely warm conservatory, it was then time to get the shecave ready for inside painting.  The weather forecast suggests that its too cold to paint today and tomorrow but, from Wednesday, we should get above the lower temperature threshold so at least everything is in there ready to go.

All of this activity, plus the usual housework, was designed to distract me from this afternoon's weigh in.  I must admit to feeling apprehensive before I set off - I knew that I had stuck to the plan but I have had two good weight losses - it must be my turn for a maintain or just a couple of pounds.  I needn't have worried - 4 1/2 pounds off this week - superchuffed and pumped for the week ahead!

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