Saturday, 1 April 2017

I tried - really I did .......

So, back to last night and the book club meal.  I went in with really good intentions - aiming to pick a meal that was sw friendly.  Bingo - the specials board revealed a lamb shank with minted gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables - brilliant I thought.  It arrived and it was as tough as old boots!!  Lamb shank is meant to fall of the bone but this was hanging on as if it was on the titanic and the bone was its life raft!  The lady opposite felt the same so we sent it back.  No problem, they said, we will sort it out.  5 minutes later a new one arrived - well, that's debatable, we think that they just popped it into a microwave and pinged it - the meat was softer but it still wouldn't let go of the bone - so we sent it back.  By now you could tell that they were running out of options so we were offered an alternative.  Out of desperation I ordered their fish and chips -asking for just a piece of fish - yep, you've guessed it, the full meal arrived.  So, I picked the fish out of the batter, had three chips and the mushy peas. By now I was till hungry but refused the puds (they are home made there and lovely) and had a sw bar with a mug of coffee (they made me a mug specially!)  Dieting wise one of my finer hours but REALLY!

Consequently this morning I woke up really hungry.  Just as well since I  was out again today (where has this social life come from?).  Wendy and I ventured across the Humber Bridge (yes - I made Wendy wind the windows down and sing "oh what a night" as we drove home across the bridge - some might say that its cruelty really!) to a felting workshop to try and make a wooly sheep!  Since the workshop was 12 - 4pm, we stopped at Drewtons Farm Shop and had one of their breakfasts as "brunch".  Look at this lovely milk jug mum!


Then it was onto the workshop - lots of prodding and stabbing - followed by lots of ouches - and the component parts of a sheep was born.

Once the head was fixed, the features created and the woolly coat added - and we had a sheep.  Mine is the blue one, Wendy did a grey one.

So - another hobby?  Probably not - but we had a great time and came away with another kit to try our hand at so you just never know!


  1. Ahhh what sweet little sheepy :) As for the food saga...really! But well done on persevering!

  2. In the San Francisco Bay Area of California USA the "usual" breakfast of eggs is 2 eggs cooked as you chose (scrambled, sunny side up, over easy(hard or medium), poached) fried potatoes ( diced or shredded ) meat ( bacon, ham, sausage, hamburger patty) and toast
    Of course waffles pancakes French toast etc are usually on the menu also
    But we are not offered beans usually only at a place such as a a Mexican Resturant
    At home during the week days (work days) it's oatmeal, cold cereal, eggs (fried or poached) toast bacon/sausage the fried potatoes are usually not a home make thing neither are waffles or pancakes these are weekend at home as. They take more time and planning .
    My husband and I eat our morning meal out more often than either lunch or dinner
    At home he has oatmeal or a scramble egg with cheese or cold cereal
    At home I prepare his and I usually have fruit (banana, apple, orange, melon) one of these not all and coffee
    I have made our out to eat breakfast at home but it takes awhile and timing the potatoes eggs meat and toast to be done so all are served hot is a challenge
    We buy our bacon pre cooked frozen because I've had it with cleaning the splatters and getting burned by them. Our son cooks his bacon in the oven and it comes out nicely but then there is a pan of bacon grease to deal with
    The precooked is heated either in a frying pan or in the microwave
    If I am cooking a weekend breakfast I would prefer to cook only eggs and toast
    preping potatoes and cooking them for 2 is just a lot of work and doing bacon is easier now but eggs and toast is quick hearty food and no worry about getting it all done and to the table together
    I know more than you wanted to know but your breakfast plate with different kinds of meat and beans is so different from our out to eat egg breakfast I just wanted to know what the usual out to eat egg breakfast is.
    I worked with someone from an Eastern European country and she told me their usual at home breakfast would be soup and cold cuts ( meat)