Friday, 21 April 2017

Hold on to your hats ......

Over the past couple of day I may just have had a bit of stick about how boring my days have been -fair do's they were.  But I think that I may just have topped them today!!

After an incredibly early "Daisy induced " start (6am), it was of out to the supermarket.  Just to ring the changes I went to Asda's - they sell primula light cheese for this recipe whereas I have never found it in Tesco's (see - you're getting overexcited now - calm down - it's not good for you!).

Then it was onto a fabric store for some fusible wadding and some Lynette Anderson fabric for lining to the UFO bag - the bag may even (and I am whispering now) be finished this weekend before heading on up to the hairdressers for two hours of pampering and book reading - not to mention the endless cups of coffee.

Once home, dogs walked etc, I then settled down to the afore mentioned UFO bag - attaching the exterior pocket and cutting out the lining fabric, ironing wadding and interfacing etc - before then working on the computer to do some personal paperwork.  Now then - don't we all dream of says like this?

The UFO bag front requires some hand stitching round the hexagons, which I will do tonight, and the block 10 has the numbers 2016 still to be sewn - I am making progress - honest!!

Tea tonight is a homemade cheese burger with chips, beans and mushrooms - followed by stewed rhubarb with an orange "cream".  With a breakfast of baked raspberry oats and a lunch of poached salmon, this food lark isn't going too badly!!

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  1. Snap, we had homemade burgers too. Sometimes we push a piece of cheese into the burger and shape it to cover the cheese. Nice when it melts, today we just had slices in the rolls. I did make some rolls too but some were very weird shapes x