Friday, 28 April 2017

I've only gone and done it!!

Last night it was the WI craft club where they were learning how to crochet granny squares.  Most of them had never crocheted before and I was really impressed with how quickly they caught on - even if there was some suspect language being uttered every now and again!  We were in Carine's holiday cottage - the couple who had been renting it had to go home a day early since the wife was, sadly, ill so we took advantage of the resource.  I have to say that its a lovely cottage if any one is looking for a holiday cottage to rent.

Image result for MV OceanaAfter two important text messages last night from Julia and Trisha, the first task of the day was to go ahead and book the cruise - yikes!!  It turned out to be even cheaper than we thought AND we get some on-board spending money to do as we wish with - happy days!!  I have even booked my car parking space - get me - how organised!  So - a year ahead of saving money to pay for the holiday plus weight loss!!!

Next up was a quick trip into Louth to buy my low fat sausages - I use this company who have a stall on the market and whose sausages work out to be around half a syn each - result!!  Sunday is one of those Scamblesby sewing days and if I want to avoid the temptation of the lovely sausage rolls then one / two of these will do the trick!  I don't know about you but the weather here is still inclement - cold and overcast (even raining) one minute and then sunshine out the next so walking the dogs meant careful timing!  However my lunch of asparagus and bacon pesto pasta soon warmed me up (there may have been a touch too much chilli though!!!).

This afternoon was another trip to the swimming pool (this time I managed an impressive - well to me - 100 widths!!!!!) before settling down to the secret project that I haven't touched for a couple of weeks -all will be revealed after Sunday I promise!  All that was then left to do was to get ready for tonight - our monthly book club meeting.  The pub's menu has been carefully scrutinised for a SW friendly meal and I have put together a low syn option for pudding (even have enough for Paula if she wants one!) - I am being focused!!

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