Saturday, 29 April 2017

Oh dear - why do I have friends with such good taste?

Let's start with last night and our epic win (cough cough).  After an interesting discussion about this month's book, and some fabulous food choices from Paula and I which kept us on the straight and narrow, we entered two teams in the weekly quiz night.  By the end we were both tied on a winning score of 41 points and so entered the tie breaker - which we lost.  So - why the epic win?  Well, we share the £20 off voucher anyway so I have brought it home to keep safe until the next month's meeting -so we all won in the end!

Today Daisy decided to give me a lie in - and I didn't surface until nearly nine o'clock!! No sooner was I out of the shower but my phone bleeped - fancy having a cuppa and a catch up with wendy?  Well, never one to turn that kind of invitation down, I was round by 11 and spent the best part of a couple of hours chatting (no - we didn't really see each other on Tuesday - honest!).  She confessed to buying a simply perfect pack of fabric for the next Lynette Anderson BOM but the shop thought that it could be the last one - erm, no it wasn't -I was able to get one as well so thank you Wendy for fessing up!  We also talked about the cruise and how I was also hankering after a return to New York or perhaps more Boston way so that we could go to New York for the day -at which point Wendy said - I want to go as well - don't leave me out - so that could be 2019 sorted then!  These friends are costing me a fortune!!

Back home, a quick tidy up, loading the washing machine etc and it was time to try a new Slimming World recipe - Cauliflower cheese bake.  I will admit to being sceptical about a cheese sauce that uses natural yoghurt as its base but it was lovely and one to try again.

The next step was to christen the new lawn mower before the rain re-appeared - I love it!  No pulling and yanking your shoulder out!  It is so easy to mow that I could get quite giddy!

Then it was onto the secret project (which is taking longer than I thought ) before spending some time getting everything ready for our Scamblesby day tomorrow (I am on cake duty so need to rustle one up this evening).  Hardly the most productive day but a very satisfying one nevertheless!

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