Monday, 24 April 2017

I was waiting for that!

After the lawn mower debacle yesterday, I spent much of the morning glued to the phone -awaiting instructions as to when it was going to be delivered.  Since I had little spare time today and tomorrow, I wanted to ask them to deliver it on Wednesday.  As the rain poured I grew ever more concerned -if I was out and the electric mower was delivered it would hardly do it any good.  No problems - the nice delivery men had delivered it -and put it in the she cave out of harms way!  Now I just need a dry day to mow the lawn!!

Today was the Textile group - grappling very unsuccessfully with a pencil case of all things! - followed by a WI meeting (in a pub but too soon to weigh in to eat or drink!!)  Then came the main event of our Mondays - weighing in.  With a total of 19 1/2 pounds off in three weeks, this run just could not last without a maintain week.  Today was one of those weeks - I had followed the plan 100% but only lost half a pound.  Am I down?  Nope - I always knew that it was coming so now I have got it out of the way - onwards and upwards.

I got home to a lovely treat from the postman - this month's crochet box.  As you open the brown box, to reveal the coloured box and then the nice tissue paper your excitement mounts.  Inside this months was crochet cotton, patterns for some crochet love hearts, some lip balm, a nice hand warmer, some stuffing and a nice stitch marker.

So -some crochet tonight?  Erm nope - more handsewing me thinks!

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