Sunday, 9 April 2017

A workshop with Jenni Rayment

Today Sewingbuddy, Pat and I attended a Quilters Guild workshop with Jenni Rayment.  I have done a short workshop with her before and know them to be enjoyable, informative and one that leaves you reeling with ideas - this was no different.

From the moment we started - with a "what do you want to be called today?", I replied "Esmerelda" and so got the afore mentioned name tag! - it was go, go, go!

The intention was to create a fiddled and tweaked circle - something like one of these!

Well, by the end of the six hour day, the three of us had tweaked and attached our tweak to our backing fabric - leaving the binding, the edging and the quilting to be done before making it into something - not much then!

Would we go again?  You bet ya! ( I will show you a picture of my efforts when it is finished - let's just say that its not blue!)

Dieting wise Sewingbuddy and Pat did their best to distract me with their constant offers of jelly babies and wine gums.  I did accept a werthers original from Jenni but refused the biscuits and chocolate cake on offer.  So I have had fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast, a sw Caesar salad for lunch, with the last slice of Weetabix cake plus two hi fi bars as snacks.  Dinner will be roast beef and vegetables and some form of bar for a pudding.  Less than 24 hours to go until the first weigh in!!

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  1. A great informative and memorable day.
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow.