Monday, 3 April 2017

Back to basics!

This morning started extremely well - I jumped (well, not literally you understand) onto the scales and have lost 7lbs since last Monday - holiday weight / water clearly but I will take that one!  The Monday Morning Gang was certainly a happier meeting with that news.  Nevertheless, Paula and I had a heart to heart - the upshot of it was ........... well, that will come later.

The next part of the morning was spent grappling with the IKEA bookcase.  I have put so many flat backed pieces of furniture together in my life that this should have been an easy task - hurrumph!  You try taking those plastic "wooden" bullets out when they are in the wrong place!  Two hours later the job was done but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By now the sun was out and it was a glorious day (it became overcast by around 2pm) and so a lovely walk with the dogs up at the beach was required.  I really love seeing Daisy running - she leaps as she runs - almost like a lamb gambling.  But then it was onto our outing - Paula and I had decided to re-join Slimming World to keep us both focussed on the task.  We could, of course, wait until Wednesday to go to a local one but we wanted to strike whilst the iron was hot - so off we trotted to Grimsby.  The only shame was that I had planned to go swimming this afternoon so missed that but I am free tomorrow so can go then.  I even managed to pick up a copy of Bella for us both - saving us the £10 joining fee - every little helps as they say.

So, the menu has been planned for the week and we are both focussed.  As the song from Cabaret goes - "Maybe this time ...."

Tonight?  Well, another row of hexagons of course!  Really, I am avoiding the main task which will need to be sorted tomorrow.  On Friday Sewingbuddy and I are going to another workshop and I need to sort my fabric out (tick) and then cut out the pieces.  Sewing buddy reckons that it took her 4 hours - gulp!  But then the lawn needs mowing, the fence and "she cave" painting etc etc etc!

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  1. Took me over month to lose 7lbs so well done! If you have some stay at home days/evenings for a while I am sure you can get back on track, its not easy when you are away and there are lovely things put before you.