Saturday, 22 April 2017

The best laid plans and all that!

So, today there was nothing planned.  One of those rare commitment free days where I could do exactly what I wanted. I planned a day of tidying, sorting and ironing - getting the house in order.  Of course I also planned some sewing projects but my aim was to feel on top of everything by the end of the day.

So, over breakfast , I turned my computer on - to check the news you understand - and nothing happened.  Although the computer came on, there was no screen.  No matter what I did, nothing would work.  It wasn't a huge surprise- I will  admit - the computer is nearly 10 years old and the screen had been flickering the last couple of days.  I had had the forethought to back the computer up on an external hard drive , so all is not lost, but it's the sheer inconvenience!

So, off I went to buy a new computer.  I must have had the techiest, geekiest woman in the shop - but I came away with a computer purchased and it will be ready for collection on Tuesday - all booted and suited!
That took much of the morning but, nevertheless, the house has been sorted and the lawn mowed.  Sewing wise I have not been able to do everything planned but I did, drum roll please, finish the UFO - Lynette Anderson's bag from her workshop last year.  I have also traced the embroidery for another Lynette Anderson pattern - a scissor case that Wendy spotted.  I can start the embroidery tonight.

So, today has not quite worked out as planned but I have rolled with the punches and have still ended up feeling on top of things so the objective was achieved!  More ways to skin a cat as they say!

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