Saturday, 15 April 2017

A sewing bee!

Today Sewingbuddy, Jean and Wendy all came round for a sewing fest.  Sewingbuddy and I had found a lunch tote to make, Wendy brought some handsewing and Jean brought her fabric to make a Sew Together bag.  Cue lots of laughter and cups of coffee!

The dogs, meanwhile, relished all of the attention that they were given but quickly settled down - well, nearly all of them at least!

After a lovely lunch of shepherds pie and veg - the pies were made by Sewingbuddy's fair hands but I forgot to take a photo - sorry, talk came around to what Jean had had for lunch the day before.  It seems that it was a childhood favourite which we had never heard of - put some milk onto a plate, slice some cheese and put sliced onion on one side and then crack an egg onto the other.  Finally put the late into the oven until it is cooked.  This seemed just too strange so, of course, we had to see for ourselves and Jean rustled a plate full up.  It did taste nice, I will concede, but I am not sure that I would make it again myself - the egg is too well done for my liking!

By the end of the day, the lunch bags were made.  I think that the seams need some finishing off inside, but they are perfectly serviceable and will fulfil their roles - another coordinated bag to add to the range!  the only problem we now have is that we didn't eat the lovely fruit salad that Jean made - I guess that we will have to meet up again tomorrow to do so then!

Tonight its my turn to serve Ice Creams again - doesn't it come round quickly?  I will take some handsewing to do but don't know yet whether I will get round to doing it.

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