Tuesday, 25 April 2017

It's snowing here -how about you?

Well, if it's Tuesday then it must be ..................... Senior Screen day!  Today we went to see the much anticipated, Oscar winning "Manchester By The Sea".  The trailer looked good, although it promised to be a weepie.  Boy was I wrong - it was a good enough story but very very long and ponderous - the typical "That's 2 1/2 hours of my life that I won't get back again!" film.

After the film, we stopped off for a small Tesco shop (well loads and loads of fruit and veg in my case) and came out to pouring rain and sleet.  That bad weather (the temperature dropped to 4 degrees) continued on and off throughout the afternoon -well, what was left of it at any rate!  To compensate, I had bought the first three series of Line of Duty and the DVD's arrived today.  I had been catching upon You tube but they seem to have been taken down.  So, this afternoon was spent cutting out the rest of the bunting and watching a couple of episodes -I am nearly at the end of Series two and things currently in Series 4 are beginning to make sense.

Tonight is the return to our fortnightly sewing class where we are starting on a silhouette wall hanging.  The pattern looks good - let's hope that I can do it justice.

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