Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Et tu Brute?

Last night was one of those sleepless ones where I just couldn't drop off - so, instead, I got up and tidied the craft room for an hour or so - daft I know!  Consequently I eventually woke up around 9am - how shocking is that? Tired as I am, this has meant that not a lot has been achieved!

I started by tidying the kitchen and loading the dishwasher (how wonderful is the 30 minute cycle?) before settling down to cutting out 48 1 1/2 inch squares and sewing them into 2 rows of 24.  These were for the Lynette Anderson block of the month wall hanging - the central part of which is nearing completion - or so I thought!  The last block was nearing completion and so I finished that off next and added one of the strips.  Whilst I was sorting out all of the panels - I made a gruesome discovery!  I still have one block left to do - block 9 - ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Back to the embroidery board then!

Today was my return to the swimming pool after I had given it a wide berth during the holiday period.  It felt really good to be back!  I even managed to swim 60 widths and two circles (770m in total) again!

And why the title of the blog you may ask?  Well, tonight is the RSC live showing of Julius Caesar at the cinema and you may recall that my mission is to watch every one.  So far so good (only walked out at the interval of one of them) - so far I have seen 15 (if I have counted correctly) out of 38 so we are heading towards the halfway point!!


  1. Have a good night.
    And hope you sleep tonight!

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