Thursday, 13 April 2017

Those little things in life that bring you pleasure.

What a wonderful, warm sunny morning it was - a real change from yesterday and a sign of things to come.  Somehow, even the housework seems easier in the sunshine!  So, that was how I spent the morning - sorting and tidying - ready from some friends to come round on Saturday and sew (well, what would you expect?)

The dog walk at lunchtime brought an unexpected surprise - the environmental agency were filling in all the ruts in the car park - it was getting really bad so this was a real treat (I know - little things and all that!).

Once back home, and lunch watching the last episode in Line of Duty series 1, it was time for 40 winks before tackling the mountain of ironing that seems to have accumulated.  Ironing also gave me the opportunity to iron the fabric for the outer of the Lynette Anderson bag (well it has been folded for over a year).  Oh - did I tell you that I had finished sewing the hexagons - cough, cough.  I am certainly not sad to see that particular task finished but now I have to do something with them.

Tonight's craft will focus on the handsewing required to finish the two outstanding BGB's. It will be nice to see some projects being finished for a change.

Oh, and the other little treat that arrived today was Gail Pan's new Chrsitmas book - I won't say too much more since Wendy hasn't seen it yet - but ................

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