Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My own Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

Today it was time for Maisie to go home - Mum and Dad would be travelling down the M1 so I arranged to meet them at Woodall services so that we could transfer the dog and her bed.  I think that it's true to say that Maisie was pleased to see Mum and Dad but I hope that it wasn't in desperation at my ill treatment of her - lol!  Whilst at the service station we had a cuppa (but no cake - just shared a bag of "go-ahead" biscuits - 5 syns) and they enjoyed a romantic moment.

My journey home took me past Sherwood Forest and The Major Oak (hence the blog title) - I have to say that it was a fabulous drive - lovely and sunny spring morning weather.  After a quick pit stop at Waitrose, I got home just in time to receive an emergency phone call from Jean - "help, I can't remember how to sew the Sew Together bag".  Cue a trip around there to help her pin and sew the pieces together which, of course, entailed several more cuppas.

Finally, and by now I am on my knees, I took the dogs up to the beach where there were only a couple more cars.  Just as well - Houdini Millie and her accomplice, Daisy, decided to make a run for it just as we got back to the car park!!  They came back - eventually - and then fell fast asleep on the floor when we got home!  That will teach them!

Craft?  What craft?  Oh - well, this evening I will carry on embroidering leaves on the Lynette Anderson block - someone has to do it!!

Foodwise all is well, if a little different - fruit salad for breakfast, cold pork and egg meatloaf for lunch and Spaghetti Bolognese for tea - all syns within the allowance so another day negotiated with success.  Now I need to hope that Daisy will let me have a lie in tomorrow!!

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